Are You Ready For Industry 4.0?

From the front office, to the shop floor, to the top floor, Software InsITe has hands-on manufacturing experience to help you succeed in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). 

We believe that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are here to support and improve your business and to help you scale. And it doesn’t need to be an “all or nothing” approach nor a heavy lift to  get started and see real results. Our proven process provides an open environment to hear your concerns, understand your vision, brainstorm together, and then embark on an automation project that is low-risk, yet has great potential for future reward.

We Talk The Talk…

It’s easy to work with us because we understand manufacturing terms and all the acronyms that come with it.  Here’s a quick summary of things we handle for our clients (any of them sound familiar to you?)

  • Front Office

    Labor Tracking + Power BI + Time Clocks + Employee Portals

  • Shop Floor/Machines

    Quality Control + Quality Management + Capacity Planning + BI Reporting

  • Shipping

    ASN + Mixed Containers + Packing Slips/Shipping Paperwork + Compliance Labels

  • Inventory

    BOL + Inventory Management + Packing Slips + Cycle Counts

  • Service

    Mobile Applications + Subscription Management + Payment Processing + Asset Tracking

  • ERP Integration

    SAP Business One Document Management + D365 Business Central implementation + Materials Certification + Workflows

… Because We’ve Walked The Walk

We started Software InsITe after years of working inside of great manufacturing and distribution organizations like Tenon Limited, The Empire Company, Gentex, Batts, Inc., Radley, Allen Extruders, Johnson Controls, Sara Lee, Boar’s Head, and Unisys, holding positions ranging from early technical support, to IT Manager, to Software Engineer, to ERP Specialist, to CTO.

We know what you’re experiencing because we’ve walked in your shoes and we’ve worked with countless companies to achieve their “smart factory.” 

Interested in seeing how automation or AI might work for you? Check the calendar below and make an appointment to talk with one of our advisors today.