Our Vision

We deliver manufacturers and distributors flexible, integrated solutions that maximize productivity from the front office to the shop floor and beyond.

Software InsITe helps to optimize all supply chain operations and implements ERP solutions, giving clients the insights they need to lead and succeed. We believe that if it’s repeatable, it should be automated and if it produces data, it should be measured. Our clients go from being buried in spreadsheets and data points to planning confidently, executing flexibly, and measuring accurately.

Our Team

Anna VanNiejenhuis

Anna VanNiejenhuis

Associate Software Developer

Introducing Anna VanNiejenhuis, the tech-savvy wizard with a heart of gold! By day, she works her magic in the realm of software development, specializing in Microsoft Power Platform. But Anna’s passion doesn’t stop at her desk. She’s a relentless seeker of knowledge, always eager to develop her skills in every domain, whether it’s tech-related or not. Challenges are her bread and butter, and she fearlessly tackles them head-on.

When she’s not conjuring up software solutions, you’ll find Anna in the company of her feline companions, engaging in epic quests of cuddles and playtime. But her adventures don’t end there! She’s also a master of the tabletop realm, wielding her dice and imagination as she dives into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

So, whether you’re in need of a software sorceress, a compassionate problem-solver, or a fellow adventurer to join your quest, Anna VanNiejenhuis is the one to call. With her wit, skills, and a touch of whimsy, she’s ready to bring a little magic into your world.

Gabriela Cuellar-Councell

Gabriela Cuellar-Councell

Project Manager

When it comes to her professional passion, Gabriela is all about putting people and processes first. She believes that technology should be an enabler, not a hindrance, and she’s on a mission to find, or support those that create, those game-changing technologies that will make organizations go “Wow!”

When she’s not busy transforming the business world, you can find her busting some moves on the dance floor, gracefully sailing through the waves with her hubby on their sailboat or camping under the stars with her family.

With Gabriela by your side, you can expect a mix of          professionalism, innovation and maybe a salsa step or two thrown in there occasionally.

Mark Finnigan

Mark Finnigan

Software Engineer

Mark Finnigan is a human machine interface expert who can make any PLC or backend system talk to him.

Mark has been working in the manufacturing industry for 20 years, and knows how to handle any challenge that comes his way. When he is not busy communicating with machines, he enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking and golf.

He is also a master of puns, jokes, and can make anyone laugh with his witty remarks. Mark is the perfect combination of brains, brawn and humor.

Spencer Morse

Spencer Morse

Software Engineer & Client Support Lead

Introducing Spencer Morse, the time-saving extraordinaire and the savior of sanity! With a mind that’s wired for efficiency, he’s the go-to guy for all your process-improvement needs.

But don’t let his professional prowess fool you, because when he’s off the clock, Spencer transforms into a family-loving, movie-watching, globe-trotting, video game-addicted dynamo! He’s got a knack for finding the perfect balance between saving the world and saving his game progress.

So, if you’re in need of a process-improvement guru who can also recommend the best popcorn flicks and the most epic travel destinations, look no further than the one and only Spencer Morse. Just don’t challenge him to a video game duel unless you’re ready to be defeated with a time-saving strategy!

Eric Phillips

Eric Phillips

Chief Software Engineer

Meet Eric Phillips, the ultimate nerd with a twist of humor! With over 20 years of experience in coaching, mentoring, designing, and implementing business solutions and dev teams, this geek extraordinaire has truly seen it all.

His areas of expertise are as vast as the infinite possibilities of the virtual universe. From artificial intelligence (AI) to machine learning (ML), big data and business intelligence (BI), mastery of IoT solutions, ERP integrations to so much more.  Eric’s industry domain knowledge is as diverse as his collection of comic books. Automotive, healthcare, banking, food and beverage, furniture, machine controls, manufacturing, and distribution – you name it, he knows it. Eric even has a fancy certification in production and inventory management (CPIM), just to show off his incredible expertise.

So, if you’re looking for a witty, intelligent, and passionate nerdy professional with a penchant for leading teams and creating mind-blowing solutions, look no further than Eric Phillips. He’s ready to geek out and conquer the world, one line of code at a time!

Jake Pinkerton

Jake Pinkerton

Accounts Manager

Jake Pinkerton is a man of many talents. By day, he’s a client relationship builder, a whisperer of sorts. But by night, he’s an adventurer who loves to explore the great outdoors. He’s a mountain biking, camping, hunting, and fishing enthusiast, and he’s even been known to brave the winter elements and go camping in the snow!

Jake is also passionate about continuous growth, both personally and professionally. He’s always looking for ways to improve himself and be a positive role model for others.

When he’s not busy being a superhero at work or exploring the great outdoors, Jake loves to travel with his wife and spend time with his family and friends.

Mike Schipper

Mike Schipper

Co-Founder and President

Meet Mike Schipper, a visionary and innovative leader who loves to drive company direction and align teams to achieve success. He is passionate about learning new things, solving complex problems, and inspiring others to become the best they can be.

Mike’s goal is to lead our industry by staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies that can help us deliver better solutions to our clients. He believes that by fostering a culture of innovation and encouraging creativity, our team can achieve great things together.

When Mike is not working, he love to spend time with his wife and kids, travel with his family, and indulge in his love for fast cars. Mike is always looking for new ways to challenge himself and grow both personally and professionally.

Mike is also an expert at making coffee and telling dad jokes, but I won’t bore you with those.

Joanna VanderWall

Joanna VanderWall

Finance and HR Specialist


Software InsITe was launched in 2012, following the inception of our sister company InsITe Business Solutions. As Founder and CEO of Insite Business Solutions, Mike Schipper works to create tech solutions for companies in West Michigan, it became increasingly clear that tech companies in the industry were missing an opportunity to better serve their business customers by not connecting technology infrastructure and integrated applications with business processes. It was this realization that made way for the launch of Software InsITe.  

At Software InsITe we take a different approach to technology solutions, we’re integrators focused on your business. We actively work with manufacturing and distribution companies that need improvements to existing manual systems and processes. We understand the issues that manufacturing and distribution companies face. In most cases, they have systems and applications that require a significant upfront investment and therefore must be upgraded and used as much as possible before new equipment can be rationalized.  – We integrate their existing systems and equipment to improve business processes and maximize that return on investment. 

We pride ourselves on solving your business problems through the intelligent use of technology and better processes. Our qualified team works with companies on an ongoing basis. We work with your team not just during the project, and post-implementation, providing support and enhancements. Our main objective is to create long-term quality relationships, by helping you successfully grow your business. By taking this approach, we deliver the right technology solutions to each business, maximizing productivity from the front office to the shop floor, and beyond. 

Client Testimonials

“With Dynamics 365 Business Central we no longer have to store data in separate systems that don’t work together – it’s all integrated.”

Kyle Johanson

Vice President, J-Systems, Inc.

“It’s been great having you guys work on this! You jumped in, figured out what was missing and made it work. You also gave us great direction when we weren’t sure how to handle a feature, which has helped make it easier to use.”

Jake K.

Project Manager, Vehicle Manufacturer

With the Supplier portal, “we were able to more than double our revenue and increase our outside processing without adding employees.”


IT Manager, ITW Drawform