Our Products

Sometimes you create something so good, so efficient, that you have to “productize it” and offer it to the world. In our years of working with manufacturers, and in some cases, commercial greenhouses, we’ve created off-the-shelf solutions that can be quickly and easily customized to work for your company.

Material Certification – Easy lot traceability from raw materials to end products 

  • Easily create complete traceability through your entire supply chain 
  • Validate chemical and physical material attributes, including tolerances, chemical formulas, and test result requirements 
  • Enable automated certification of raw materials and outside processing to assure complete compatibility with your customer 
  • Validate to Automotive (AIAG), Aerospace (AMS), and other industry standards

B1 Attachments for SAP Business One

  • Simple drag & drop attachment integration between Business One and Office 365 
  • Easily access and attach documents to your Business Partners, Opportunities, Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Requests, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Jobs, and more 
  • Attach PDF, AutoCAD, Word, E-mail, JPEG, PNG, video, or virtually type of documents 
We’re always looking for a new problem to solve with great technology.  Do you have a process or system that just isn’t working as you’d hoped?  Contact us to discuss a custom solution discovery session.