Power Platform/Power-BI

Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents are all part of Microsoft’s Power Platform (and much more). If you have Microsoft/Office 365, you probably already own these products. Are you leveraging them to improve your business yet?

The InsITe team will help unlock this hidden value for you. With the Microsoft Power Platform, we are able to connect your people, process, and technology, delivering proven ROI through efficiency and productivity gains.

Where it makes sense, our development team also leverages built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, to help you design intelligent automation solutions, taking your process automation to the next level.

Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Power Platform  

Organization-wide Efficiency

Power Platform solutions empower all levels of your business to be as efficient as possible. From front-line workers to administrators and all the way to the C-suite, Power Apps improve worker productivity, business processes, and data visibility across the organization.

Visibility of the Supply Chain

Manufacturers and Distributors need to be agile and respond quickly to changes in the Supply Chain. Business Intelligence solutions give you actionable insights into your data, giving you the edge when the unexpected happens. It also enables you to identify trends throughout your Supply Chain, so you can make needed adjustments in a timely manner.

Move into Industry 4.0

Automation is no longer the future of manufacturing and distribution – it’s the present. Optimizing and automating workflows, processes, and data reporting isn’t something your business can afford to put off.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Optimized processes equal faster turnaround, and faster turnaround equals happier customers, and improved cash flow. Power Platform solutions make it easier to work with partners and vendors, leading to better outcomes for your customers. Along with allowing your customers visibility into your data for improved customer service.

Microsoft Power Platform Apps 

Power BI

Compiles and analyzes data from disparate sources, then helps put that data into visual format for simple consumption across your organization. Answer questions such as: “how many 102DT parts have we produced in the past year, by week/month, and what was the profit margin for each period”.  In addition to this, our team of developers can automate a large number of processes based on the data collected and analyzed by Power BI, further automating action based on insights.  

Power Apps

Used to efficiently design mobile apps, Power Apps gives organizations the ability to create custom-made applications for internal use. Designed as an easy-to-use drag and drop platform, Power Apps offers a hugely flexible and versatile app creation tool. While UI and underlying HTML editing is limited, Power Apps provides a convenient way for businesses to incorporate common business processes in a customized app without the need for extensive coding/development. 

Power Automate

A favorite among manufacturers and distributors, Power Automate designs automated workflows in order to streamline what used to be manual tasks. It comes with several out-of-the-box templates for common workflow automations, as well as the ability to create workflows from scratch, customized to your specific needs.

Power Virtual Agents

Web chat features have become ubiquitous across business websites, but live staff availability can limit many organizations’ use of the tool. Virtual Agents is Microsoft’s answer for around-the-clock automated chat functionality. Through the use of chatbots, Virtual Agents give businesses the ability to build workflows that lead website users through chat processes to drive goals and conversions.