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5 Examples of Manufacturing AI & Automation

What does “artificial intelligence” (AI) mean to you? For people who’ve seen the recent Microsoft commercials it means saving snow leopards, feeding the world, and improving access to healthcare… and it probably feels a lot like futuristic science fiction. But what does it mean to a manufacturer like you? Do you think that AI is too expensive, too complex, or simply not something that’s going to show a quick return for your business?

We’d like to show you examples of how local Michigan manufacturers are using AI and automation TODAY to help them save money and time, and reduce manual labor and defects. Download our “5 Examples of Manufacturing AI & Automation” and see if any of these use cases apply to your shop floor or executive office. We’ll show you how we solved issues like the following with easy-to-use, affordable AI and automation apps, and integration services:

  • Data silos created by legacy equipment that isn’t connected
  • Parts defects not visible to the human eye causing customer dissatisfaction
  • Robots and programmable logic controllers not connected to each other; disrupting the shop flow

Connected Device Security Assessment Spreadsheet

Each device connected to your network is a potential threat to your entire network.  If your business is not secure, hackers can get into every single device connected internally and control it. Before you know it, production grinds to a halt.

In order to protect your connected devices, it’s important to know which ones have been installed in operations and which systems they connect with. You can do this by creating a detailed inventory of your connected devices.

Download our free, easy-to-use Connected Device Security Assessment Spreadsheet to help you list and assess all the devices you have.  This will allow you to secure your operations and prepare you to identify possible threats that could come up.

Check out our blog to learn more about this topic!

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Case Studies

ITW Drawform

ITW Drawform was manufacturing approximately 1 million parts per day, and 400,000 of those go-to outside processors and then are received back in for finishing and shipping.

ITW Drawform was struggling with timely information on delayed or shorted shipments due to a lack of visibility into the status and location of their inventory.

This caused issues with knowing what material was available to send to their suppliers and what was ready to ship to the customer, which caused major operational problems.

Our customized solution enabled ITW Drawform to grow from $40M to over $100M without adding additional employees. Download the case study to see how we were able to meet these challenges!

ITW Drawform case study - Software InsITe